Customer Privacy

We do not store customer information online. All your information we collect will be transferred to US licensed Doctors,  US licensed pharmacists,  and US licensed pharmacies.

There is no need to send us an email to ask for tracking ID because we have sent it to you and will send it to you as soon as we get it. If you do not receive your tracking ID after five business days, please ask me to look through it by sending email to But please tell us your first name, your last name, and your ZIP when you ask us any questions.

Please do not refuse orders. You must have picked up your last order before you place new orders. The pharms do not like the order refusal because their online pharms maybe be flagged. Refused orders can not be used by the US Food Law and we have to pay to disposal it.

As you already knew, we do not accept personnel checks. Personnel check customers will be blacklisted. The warehouses also blacklist order refusal customers. But Blacklist is beyond our control. The pharms become smart now and they will not send you your next order if you have not picked up your last orders.

If you want to unsubscribe or any other concerns, please email to . We will remove you from our customer email list.

We only contact returned customers by this newsletter. Our website URLs may change in the future. So please do not unsubscribe if you are still ordering from us.

If this newsletter goes to your spam folder, please move it into inbox. It will help me a lot to run this returned customer only newsletter.

We only send emails to our active customers. If you are not going to order from us any more, please ask us to unsubscribe you from our customer email list.

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